Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You Know That Miscarriage We Were Expecting...?

It has begun.

My first reaction?


No more waiting. No more belly expansion with no baby in it. Let's just get this over with and be done with it.

And let's just hope it doesn't take as long as last time. Because the cramping? And the bleeding? And the lower back pain? Not exactly how I'd choose to spend the next few know, if it were up to me...which it's not.

I suppose my relief can also be attributed to not having to get the ball rolling artificially. I'm so glad things started on their own. But honestly, if it hadn't, I don't know how long I could have waited. There's nothing quite as cheerful as knowing you're walking around with death inside of you, and not knowing how long it will be there. I'm so glad that is a decision I did not have to make.


Anonymous said...

I love you, sweet Leah-Boeple. Tante Ilse

Amanda said...


Anonymous said...

The older we get the more perspective we have...I think that is is a circle, and things happen for a reason..and wow do they sucks sometimes...the older we get though the more we realize our own strength, and the strength we draw from those around us.