Friday, December 12, 2008

I Got Issues, People

Yesterday, I had some serious stomach pains. This isn't the first time this has happened to me, just the first time in a while. It started off and on back in July and after a few weeks when it stopped happening, I figured whatever it was had just worked itself out somehow. Not so. The pain is so overwhelming, I said I'd rather be in labor. At least in labor you get a BREAK between contractions and know what in the world is happening.

So Lori came over yesterday to watch the kids (including her two, so the poor girl had FOUR under 2 1/2 - thanks, Lor!) while Ryan left work early to go with me to the doctor. After discussing all my symptoms, he decided to send me for an ultrasound today to have my gall bladder checked for stones or inflamation. If the gall bladder is not the culprit, next I'll have to go see a specialist to check for stomach ulcers.

Not fun stuff. I'm not even sure what to hope for today. Should I hope they find something? Yes, so I finally have some answers, but then no, because that would mean they found something. So please pray for wisdom for the lab techs and the doctors and whomever else ends up checking me out and making decisions. I would really like to have an answer so I can just get this dealt with already.

It's not like this is happening at an inconvenient time of year or that Lily's second birthday party is tomorrow. No, not at all. ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I will pray for wisdom for the doctors, technicians, people reading reports and everything else. Since I'm home with this headcold, I've been repeating over and over today "God is taking care of it. He knows the need and is filling it now". I will pray harder now for you too. Have fun at Lily's party tomorrow, eat my piece of cake. Love Aunt Ilse