Friday, August 1, 2008

Library Time

Every Monday morning all summer, we've been attending Nursery Time at the library. A very lovely librarian leads children under age 2 in reading books and singing songs with hand motions. It's interactive and fun. I thought it would be a nice way to spend time with Lily, and I was excited to meet other moms in the area and for Lily to have a chance to play with other kids her age.

(Lily with her Cheerios cup after library time...)

But things aren't going according to plan. The other moms either a.) already know each other and aren't interested in taking the time to meet someone new, or b.) have no desire to engage in conversation when I try to talk to them. Sure I don't always shower beforehand (who am I kidding - I NEVER shower beforehand), but do I smell or something? Are they afraid they'll be making friends with a 12-year-old mom of two?

Or is it because my daughter is the one child who absolutely will NOT sit still the ENTIRE 25 minutes that we're there? She walks around smiling or pointing at the other kids (she's so happy to see them!), taking things out of all their diaper bags (argh), taking the flannelgraphs off the teacher's board as she's using them ("hmm, these look fun..."), or pulling books off all the display tables in the back.

I've tried everything I can think of to get her to sit still. Forcing her to sit on my lap is a joke - her squirming protest is much too disruptive to the other kids. Keeping her in a stroller (if she would let me!) seems kind of mean during this interactive, fun time. And even bringing her Oma didn't keep Lily's little lima beans planted in one spot.

This week, I brought her Cheerios cup and that actually kept her planted in my lap for a few songs/books. But eventually, she wanted to share them with all the other kids - especially with those across the room - and wouldn't stay seated any longer.

At least she's friendly and happy. Just extra CURIOUS. With ants in her pants. I don't think I've ever met a kid so unable to sit still for TWO SECONDS.


Anonymous said...

My kids never sat still either, except they wanted to sit in the librarians lap. which was what every other kid wanted to do to. Once I had two I just stopped going because they were always running in different directions.

and their grandmother is one of the librarians..

Anonymous said...

Are there flies buzzing around you? That might be why...HAHAHA ;)

Seriously, Wyatt's a mover and a shaker too...we tried library time at 10 months, and I have no idea if it would be different now, cause we haven't been