Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"In Jesus' Name, Mah-men!"

Before we are about to pray for the food at dinner, we tell Lily, "Fold your hands and close your eyes." She doesn't usually close her eyes, but she's getting pretty good about being able to link her fingers together. And she usually yells, "Mah-men!" mid-prayer because she can't wait for "Amen" any longer.

Last night, we didn't tell her anything before we started praying, and when we opened our eyes, her little hands were folded! It was so sweet. Boy did she have a big, "See what I did?" grin on her face. Then this morning, after Lily and I were settled at the table with our blueberry pancakes, she folded her fingers together and looked at me expectantly.

It's the little things that your children learn that make your heart go, "Pitter-patter! Pitter-patter!"


Anonymous said...

cute. I missed all these pictures because they don't show up in bloglines.

For shame.

Anonymous said... sweet! ;) We are trying to teach Wyatt so say "Please" ("Peas") when he wants something. It was great to see all you guys. I miss you already. Give Lily and little Jacob a big kiss from Aunt Amanda :)

P.S. I forgot my ID, so I am "anonymous"...betcha can't guess who I am...

Brent and Abigail said...

colin says mah-men too!