Friday, April 11, 2008

How I'm Feeling - 35 Weeks

My appt with Tina went fine this week. My belly is measuring normal (or so I assume - she didn't mention anything), the heartbeat was great (the baby had hiccups, so the doppler kept jumping off my stomach - so cute), and the baby's position was typical for 35 weeks (head down, butt on my right side, legs on my left).

I've been having trouble sleeping lately. Not sure why. Either I'm too hot, too full, too hungry (go figure), or just I don't know what. I hope this stops soon...I need to stock up on rest before this new baby comes!

Weight update: 164. So I gained three pounds in the last two weeks. Technically, the scale said 163, so I'm not sure why she recorded 164, but I'll go with it. So that's a total of 24 pounds gained with 5 weeks (really four, as of tomorrow) left to go.

It's funny how good I've felt about my weight gain during this whole pregnancy - feeling like I was doing so much better than last time - when in reality, I'm pretty much neck-in-neck with what I gained last time (though I'm starting 7 pounds higher). WHAT?! That means I gained a heckuva lot of weight at the end. NOT AGAIN!!!