Monday, April 7, 2008

Another Baby, Another Crib

We picked up this crib from local Freecyclers who no longer needed it. It is in great shape (minus some scratches, dings, and baby chew marks throughout), we love the design and color, it converts to a toddler bed (Lily's crib does not - though that means the front rail of this crib does not drop for easy access...bummer), and it came missing some hardware that cost us less than $20 to order from the manufacturer (Kolcraft). Not too shabby for a beautiful crib that was otherwise free! Looking forward to getting a crib mattress and bedding for it, so we can - you know - actually put a real live baby in it.

Or most likely a little Lily will be trying it out first ;)

We had to remove one desk from the red room and both make some concessions as far as what we were willing to part with (it's difficult having one PC user and one Mac user sharing an office, let alone a desk - haha) to get the crib to fit, and to also make room for another changing table dresser (which we have yet to procure).

This is the current arrangement. Works for now. The idea is, the new baby will sleep in here, with all changing and middle-of-the-night items in the dresser, while all other baby-related stuff will stay in Lily's room. That way, this room will remain our office/guest least for now. We'll see how long that lasts.