Thursday, February 7, 2008

Freecycle Rocks

Have I mentioned before how much I love Freecycle? Because I do.

When we first moved into the house, we got our washer/dryer and our stove from Freecycle. For free. They were all beautiful and way less scary than what we inherited with the house. And then this week, while continuing my Freecycle perusing (looking for things on the garage sale list), I managed to score our little family a few more free and necessary baby things:

bottle parts


(The colored bottles/plastic in the dishwasher were ours already.)

Yes, that's right: 5 MILLION Avent baby bottles! With extra nipples. Do you know what this means? I will never, ever have to wash a bottle again. OK, so I'm exagerating, but that's how it feels. How does it feel? Excellent!

Can you tell I'm excited?

Notice anything else? Like that free container of Enfamil Lipil NextStep formula in the back with alllll the $8 Shoprite coupons and $5 manufacturer coupons? The coupons will end up saving us way more money than the little can of formula itself, and they were just a bonus thrown in the bag by the homeowner!

And today, I go to pick up a changing table pad and two tan or cream colored covers for it. I figure once it goes through the wash, it's no different than all of Lily's hand-me-down clothes that I love, right? The pad is for our currently non-existent 2nd changing table dresser that will go next to the currently non-existent new baby crib.

One thing at a time ;)

I have thank-you cards ready to send to all these people. I figure with all the money I'm saving and the generosity they're displaying, it's the least I can do. That's not too creepy or too personal, right?

Here's a parting photo:

eye candy


Amanda said...

Whoah. That's a lot of nipples. Hah. I have like 4 bottles. Well, more, but I had to go through every kind ever invented before I found one that didn't upset his stomach...I thought eventually I could use the others with months and counting, and NOPE. Sensitive dude. Should've sent 'em YOUR way.