Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Garage Sale List

I have a list of things I would like to find at garage sales this spring and summer...stuff I don't necessarily need new and don't feel like paying for new. I'm going to distribute this list to family and friends who I know frequent garage sales, so they can be on the lookout for me.

AND having a list gives Ryan a good reason to stop when we drive by a sale. His typical male mentality queries, "Why should we stop? What do we need? What specifically are you looking for?" My answer is usually something like, "I'll know when I see it!" and that never works...he just keeps driving. So having a list is a great motivator for him to stop. That and his recent attraction to "Antiques Roadshow." Hehe.

OK, the list. Right.
  1. A sewing machine (see post)

  2. Neat fabric (I'll need to TEST my new sewing machine, after all)

  3. A dresser for me

  4. A changing table dresser for the new baby

  5. A baby fence (for basement toddler proofing)

  6. A crib for the new baby (see post)

  7. "Alphabet Soup" bedding for the new crib (a girl can dream...) (see post)

  8. A crib mattress (this is a little iffy 2nd-hand...)

  9. A 2nd baby monitor set (to have one for each baby's room)

  10. A small sauce pan

  11. A teaspoon rest

  12. A CD/tape player for Lily's room

  13. The Little People nativity
There's a bunch more stuff, I just can't think of it now. I'll add it to this list (and edit what we've gotten) as I think of it, so keep checking back.

Items in purple are most necessary for new baby.

* Note: Last updated July 26, 2008 *