Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How I'm Feeling - Week 24 (?)

The question mark in the title is because I'm not quite sure I'm 24 weeks. I THINK I am, but I'm not quite sure. I guess it doesn't really matter...the baby will come out when s/he is ready, regardless!

So I had my latest OB checkup today. Everything looked good. Good heartbeat (the baby's), good blood pressure (mine), good belly size (mine - measuring at 24 weeks). Allison tried to figure out what position the baby was in, but she said there's still so much room in there for him/her to swim around, that it was really hard to tell. We laughed that the baby has no idea what s/he's in for or how cramped it's gonna get in there!

I've been feeling drained lately. Maybe it's because my supply of prenatal vitamins ran out a week or two ago and I got a new prescription just today, without taking any in the interim (bad, I know). Maybe it's because this persistent head cold just won't go away - I haven't been able to breath through my nose in weeks. At least Lily's feeling better, because sick crabby baby + sick crabby Mama = bad combination.

It felt like this pregnancy was going really fast, but all of a sudden within the last few weeks, it feels like things are slowing down. Maybe the cold and general fatigue have to do with it...EVERYthing feels slower when you're sick.

So here's the complete weight gain run-down so far:

8 week checkup:: 140lbs (this is considered my "pre-pregnancy" weight, compared to 133lbs last I started 7lbs heavier than last time...grrr)

12 week checkup: 142lbs (+2 pounds) = 2 pounds total

16 week checkup:: 144lbs (+2 pounds) = 4 pounds total

20 week checkup: 150lbs (+6 pounds - darn those Christmas cookies!) = 10 pounds total

24 week checkup: 154lbs (+4 pounds - more than I was hoping for...) = 14 pounds total

Hmm. I know from experience I gain the bulk of my weight later in pregnancy, so to have an extra 14 pounds already is not too good. I definitely don't want to gain 40 pounds again! Even if I only gain 33, I'll still have 40 total to lose to get back to my original weight pre-babies.

This is not looking good...

Where's the chocolate?