Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Finally Let Myself Do the Math

Today, I saw our midwife, Allison. I went to her office with a friend, who had an appointment with another doctor. I was there for moral support and was very happy when I spotted Allison behind the desk. She was excited to see Lily, and bragged to her, "Hey, beautiful, I saw you first!" Which I guess I had never really thought about. Lucky ducky.

I made a comment about how I was sorry I hadn't been to see her in a while. She knew what I meant. At my yearly exam in April when Lily was 4 months old, Allison asked what type of birth control we had decided to use. I told her, "The kind that gets you pregnant." After her initial shock wore off, she was very encouraging. She got pregnant with her 2nd child five months after delivering her 1st. "The 1st are always easy to make you want the 2nd." Sounds about right.

So the clincher? After that conversation, that I wasn't there to see her but wished I was?

It's been 39 days since I've had my period. I finally counted after resisting the urge for so long.

When I was on the pill, my schedule was so predictable that I knew every 4th Wednesday at noon to go prepare myself for the inevitable. It was crazy. Off the pill, something between 30 and 35 days was always normal. But 39 days? This seems a little extreme. I don't want to waste another perfectly good pregnancy test just to see "Not Pregnant" on the readout again.

Um, I SO didn't do that month...

But 39 days? I think I need to go back to when we were "charting" for Lily to see how many days I went before testing positive then. That would be good information to know.

I think I need to "cool my jets" here before I go getting all hopeful unnecessarily. [Dare I say, too late?]

Maybe I'd better wait a few more days before wasting the extra Clearblue Easy under the bathroom sink...