Thursday, March 17, 2016

Where Ya Been?

OK, so it's been forever - just shy of two years.


I've hesitated updating the blog for several reasons:
  1. Facebook is so much easier.
  2. Some of the blog design was jacked up. I know that shouldn't be enough of a reason to quit posting details that I don't ever want to forget...but I'm a designer. With OCD. And I just couldn't look at it (or imagine anyone else looking at it) with glaring problems and error messages. So today, I carved out some time, rolled up my sleeves, and dug in to Blogger's crazy code. And even though I didn't add back in some of my friend Jen's beautiful design elements, I was able to remove the broken ones, which is good enough to get me back on track. 
  3. Facebook is so much easier. 
  4. No matter how many times I link to this blog on Facebook and ask people to comment on the blog, they still comment on Facebook, and then all comments tied to this blog post are lost. So if you came here through a Facebook link and are reading this, please COMMENT HERE. I don't want to lose your comments, dear friends - they are a dynamic, valuable part of this blog!
  5. Facebook is so much easier - in case you missed it ;)

But I am going to work on being more consistent from now on, and you can hold me to that. I am so sad I missed detailing many important events over the last two years - most importantly, the first year and a half of our 5th baby's life! So now I will go back and add things in - so even though it may look like I have been posting, the last thing I wrote about before today was my Baby #5 Announcement way back in June, 2014. (The two posts immediately following were saved in Blogger as drafts as not published until today.)