Friday, June 6, 2014

The Hungry Pig

It all started with a refusal:

("I will not read a book but I will rite a book")

Which led to the start of something absolutely adorable:

(LOVE the bite taken out of the P!)

(Pretty sure she envisioned this on the inside of the dust jacket.)

Next, she wanted to add the "Table of Continents," but I suggested maybe she should add that AFTER she started her story and saw where it went. 

("The Baby Pig. On a farm thar was a mommy pig and a daddy pig. one day the mommy pig had a baby pig")

I'm eagerly awaiting it's continuation!

Despite her initial written protest, once Jacob woke up and we had official quiet reading time, she quickly got lost in her book:

I never read "The Boxcar Children" growing up, but I've heard great things! Too bad our library didn't have #1 and she had to start on #5. Not that she seemed to notice...or care.

The kids officially finished 2nd grade and Kindergarten the week before last, and unless I find outside activities for them every day, they are stir crazy without the structure of school! I'm wondering if they will eventually find ways to occupy themselves without my constant intervention...because, honestly, it's making me want to jump right in to starting 3rd and 1st! I already have all the curriculum, and they seem so unable to occupy themselves without complaining or bickering... We shall see. 


Melissa said...

Why not keep doing school through the summer? That's how some homeschoolers end up finishing early, lol. (Not that that's your goal) move at your/their own pace. That's one of the things I really like about homeschooling. Anyway this is really cool! I like her drawings!

Melissa said...

Oops I copied and pasted my grammar errors! I meant "You can move at your/their own pace."

Michelle said...

That is adorable. Love her illustrations and especially the bite out of the P! So creative!! We school year long. It just made sense cuz he is bored otherwise and after our month off around the holidays, it is horrible getting back into the groove. It is amazing how math erases itself from his head in that month. I can't imagine 3 whole months of nothing.

Angela said...

We are doing school all summer. It started bc I took two months off for the baby but now I decided we'll just do year round with a week off every 7-10 weeks. We just had our first week break and it was wonderful!! Just enough time to enjoy and for me to tackle to do lists, but we weren't bored and were totally ready to start the next week.

Dottie said...

We've always continued at least math and reading over the summer just to keep from losing too much ground. Science becomes more nature studies and fun experiments - lots of camping trips and field trips. Our curriculum is mainly just do-the-next-thing so we don't really finish up one year and start the next year at any particular time. They start the next grade whenever they happen to finish the previous one, so may be working at all different points in different things.

And BTW - I think the Book Barn by St. Clare's has multiple copies of The Boxcar Children, including the first one. I bought it there and keep seeing it every time I go by, and have to remind myself I already have it.

Lori said...

Lily's spelling constantly amazes me! She's a really good speller! Heh... We do school year-round--because otherwise my kids DO find plenty to occupy themselves, and it's impossible to drag them back to a routine without days of complaining if we take too long of a break! And we do a lot of "do the next thing" stuff too, and hang the year... When they finish it, they finish it...