Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Finally Spring!

Glad we enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday because it's raining cats and dogs today!

First, we did school on the deck... moments before the umbrella got sucked up by the wind and blew into the yard!

Followed by an unplanned lesson in Economics at a local Homeschool Flea Market, where local moms sold curriculum, clothes, toys, etc. - and where my kids decided to sell homemade rubberband bracelets (Lily) and random household junk (Jacob). 

Watching their innate selling tactics in action was eye-opening for me. Lily came prepared with homemade signs, her wallet, and a firm selling price. Jacob came prepared to make as much as possible by going table to table, asking anyone would listen if they would pay, say, $10 for an old pen, or $2 for his (nearly-broken) dollar store toy. The boy had NO FEAR. 

Next time we buy a car, we're totally taking him with us.

In the end, he spent all the money he made on snacks other kids were selling, and Lily - who only sold one bracelet (there was fierce competition) and gave another one away - spent her money on one snack and a cool magnetic pattern game. 

Then they played on the adjoining playground for a long, long time - it's so hard to leave when they're making homeschool friends we can actually meet up with during the week! - and I almost passed out (I exaggerate not) from dehydration by the time we finally left. Lesson learned: always bring water, even when you're only planning to be out for an hour, because on a beautiful day, when the kids are being wonderful, it could easily turn into four. 


Dad said...

Looks like you all enjoyed a wonderful, educational afternoon, with economics lesson forall!