Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful, Part 2

There's not much cuter or sweeter than five-year-old boys.

When I asked him who met the Pilgrims on shore, he shouted, "Indiana Jones!"

On the way to Thanksgiving lunch today, he prayed for us to have a safe trip and to make sure we DON'T CRASH.

One of my favorite treats is sneaking in a nap with Jacob. This doesn't happen often because there are three other little people in need of supervision during naptime. 

But when there's another grown-up in the house and I get to snuggle with my sweet boy - and listen to all his sound effects while driving cars around on my bed until he slowly settles in to sleep - I couldn't be a happier Mama. 


Nystral Djo said...

Every time I want to smile, I look at the picture of Jacob wearing the pilgrim hat. What a face!

Nystral Djo said...

Whoops, guess I forgot to sign out of my account on your computer, mom ;)