Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Finally Some Weight Gain?

Elliot's current weight according to our bathroom scale: 15lb 2oz*

This is encouraging news, considering he was still under 14lb at his 6mo visit three weeks ago (13lb 13oz, I believe). Even if the scale is off by a whole pound, at least he's finally broken the 14lb mark - it feels like he's been at 13lb forever!

Official weight-check next week...

* Not going to tell you how much I weighed while holding him, or even how much I weighed WITHOUT holding him. But I will say that I've been hovering about 2-4lb over my pre-Elliot weight for the last few months, which is 8lb above my pre-Jacob / pre-Samantha weight, which is 7lb over my pre-Lily weight...all of which means I'm still 17-19lb over my original weight before I started having kids. And most of it is in my belly. I totally blame my huge diastasis - the separation of my stomach muscles.

Wait. This was supposed to be a post about Elliot. Not sure how I got off track. Haha! Here he is again: