Monday, November 19, 2012

That Stinker Samantha

Two Weeks Ago:
It was one of those crazy days where Sam had a stinky diaper while Elliot was screaming to be nursed while Lily and Jacob were bickering and whining and......well, long story short, somehow I ended up on the couch nursing Elliot after putting on a movie for Lily and Jacob after changing Samantha. Only I didn't actually get to the "putting the diaper BACK ON" part. Because, you know, screaming baby.

So as I watched her happily run around the living room giggling, "Me naked! Me butt!" I thought, well, sure, I guess this is the start of potty training. Why not? As you can see, I'm not a big planner of things like this - it usually just happens whenever I feel like they're ready and I feel up for it. But I had actually been putting it off because, well, I wasn't up for it.

I'm kinda busy. And cleaning up pee from all over the floors was not high on my to-do list.

My potty training method is very well thought-out and scientific: Give 'em lots to drink, strip 'em down, show 'em the kiddy potty, and then let 'em run free. It's worked great the first two times.

(Catching up on some heavy reading...)

But after two days of more pee on the floor than in the potty with Sam - and no sign that she had any idea why her legs kept getting wet - I just thought, "Eh. Easy come, easy go." I know, I know, stopping again sends her a mixed message and blah blah blah. But hey, I didn't think she was ready and I still wasn't ready and I'd be much happier changing her diaper for another couple months if it meant less clean-up for me.

Me and Sam and Lily thought it would be fun to all hop in the big tub together after dinner while Ryan and Jacob worked on an elaborate train track in the basement. I supplied the chocolate Halloween candy while Lily supplied the goggles and we were good to go. As I lifted Sam into the tub, I repeated what I always tell her upon entering the water: NO PEE IN THE TUB. She always assures me she understands and usually complies. This coming from the kid who not even a year ago used to find great pleasure in going #2 every.single.time I took her in the shower with me.

About 10 minutes in, she held herself and shouted, "Go potty!" so Lily and I start yelling, "No! Stop! Not in the tub!" but she continues saying it and then I realize she didn't mean she WENT potty, she means she wants to GET ON the potty. So I hoist that slippery sucker out and stick her on and lo and behold.........she pees.

Um, what?

So turns out that little stinker knew what she was doing after all. After a 2nd frantic, "Go potty!" (and she did again!) and two more false alarms where she just foofed while sitting there, I realized that I gave in to her begging for her diaper back too easily. I guess we'll be going diaperless again tomorrow!