Saturday, July 14, 2012

On Samantha's 2nd Birthday

May 10, 2012

Dear Samantha,
Today, you turned two years old. One hour ago, to be exact. I still can't believe I pushed out all 10+ pounds of you over two years ago and here you are today, a beautiful, happy, silly, wonderful little girl. I know that if I don't write you this letter right now, before anything changes, I will seriously regret it. Because oh my goodness. I could keep you like this forever. 

You are incredible. Every day, you are a joy to be around. I know you are supposedly entering the "terrible twos" but in this house, we laugh and know how much worse the terrible threes are, so we are going to enjoy every single second of you RIGHT NOW that we possibly can.  

You are super funny. You thrive on making other people laugh - your Mama and Daddy, Lily, "Buh-buh" (Jacob), or any random person you pass in your day. It's like you've established your role as #3 is the clown. That is how you have decided you will make your mark and get attention - by making other people happy. How on earth did we end up with all this wonderful silliness? What a bright spot to my day every day.  

You are super smart. I remember feeling this way when Lily was little, that she "never missed a trick." Even if you can't communicate everything that you're thinking or that's going on, you certainly understand and will put in your $.02 in your own way. A word here, a gesture or "" with a pointer finger over there. Nothing gets past you, even when we try =) I'd say you're too smart for your own good, but it IS for your own good and I love it.  

You are super charming and social. You know how to work a crowd, just like Jacob at your age. You look people in the eye and charm them. Strangers. Ladies in the grocery store. Anyone you meet. You will have a conversation with them, sometimes without saying a word. Just with facial expressions and glances and gestures. You love to point me out to people and proudly exclaim, "Mama!" just to make sure everyone knows. If anyone asks your name, you tell them, "Mine!" which is fine by me. If I had two rowdy older siblings, I'd be staking my claim as much as possible, too.  

You are polite. I never thought this would be an attribute I'd call out for someone your age, but it's always surprising to me. When you ask for something, you say, "Please." When someone is in your way, you say, "Scuse me!" When Lily and Jacob help you get something, you say, "Dank do." I'm not quite sure where you came from but I'd like you to hurry up spreading your politeness to the other two ;)

July 14, 2012

OK, so I never actually finished your letter. Add it to the ever-present and escalating mommy-guilt... That also means Jacob never even got a 4th birthday letter (don't even get me STARTED on how I feel about that), so I figured I'd better finish this and publish it before it stays in DRAFT status here in blog-land forever.

A couple things have changed in the last couple of months. Your place in the household has expanded. You are now not just the "class clown" - you are also LOUDEST. You enjoy making sure everyone knows your every thought. It's hysterical, and completely random. One minute, you're sitting there quietly doing something (like could do puzzles ALL DAY LONG. Or coloring.), the next minute, you are TALKING AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE for someone to come PLAY! with YOU! do PUZZLE! SIT! PLAAAAAAY! I guess you've learned that Mama cannot be in three places at once, and this is how you compensate...

Your favorite word at your second birthday was MINE. Then you went through a NO phase, which was actually quite humorous, but we were happy to see the new favorite word quickly become YEAH! I don't think we've ever had a kid use the word YEAH as early or extensively as you, but it's hysterical. Especially with your trademark, "Uhhhh..." in front of it. Like you have to think really hard before you answer. "Samantha, do you want to go play outside?" - You: "Uhhhhh YEAH!" Oh my goodness, you are the cutest thing ever.

Your whole vocabulary is awesome. You know and say soooo many words, it's always surprising to me. Especially since you follow behind two former delayed speakers, so we didn't really have high expectations. And you have no trouble communicating all those words. LOUDLY. Repeatedly.

You have also become more TWO. Yes I know I said it's nothing compared to bring THREE and I still stand by that, but don't grow up too fast, kiddo. I'm glad you're still sweet and silly and I can take the infrequent lay-on-the-floor-screaming tantrums because, really? That's all you got? No telling me how mean I am and whining about how you're not gonna listen EVER AGAIN? Because that is way worse. The floor screaming is just funny and cute in comparison. Like, "Oh look, she's trying..."

You still love your sister more than anything, and she has quite seriously developed her role as your 2nd mommy. She helps you with anything and everything you could want - so willingly and graciously. Just happy to be needed. She talks to you like you're still so little, and looooves when you need her help. You will let her do most anything with you, because you totally trust her, and she has earned that trust.

And in the last year, we've seen your brother change from someone you couldn't quite peg (because honestly he didn't really notice you existed, and when he did, he wasn't always super gentle) to your little partner in crime. Oh the giggling that goes on between the two of you when I'm not looking! Every night, you beg to sleep in "Bubba's bed! Bubba's BEEEEED!" and lay down beside him on his pillow as if the visual will help convince us. I'm so glad you two have developed this silly, sweet, goofy relationship - where he asks if you want to be involved, if it's ok to dump water all over your head (of course, Jacob! anything you want, Jacob!) - let the hysterical laughter commence - and I look forward to seeing how it grows.

And between you and me, I'm not sure I've seen any of the other kids have daddy so thoroughly wrapped around their little finger. I think it's safe to say it's a combination of your easy-going personality (who wouldn't want to spend time dawdling behind everyone else with you?) and his getting softer with each baby. ;) He puts you to bed every.single.night. No joke. I think it started with his helping me out physically as this pregnancy progressed, and has morphed into one of the highlights of his day - just Daddy and Sam, quiet and whispering and giggling in your room, tuning out the chaotic shrieking preschoolers just outside the door, who may or may not interpret, "Put on your pajamas," as, "Run around naked with your shirts on your heads."


All this to say, we love you so much, Sam I Am. We are so incredibly blessed that God gave us YOU as our number three - we couldn't imagine this family without you keeping us all entertained!


PS I may add pictures to this. Someday. For now, I'm just happy you got a letter!


Mel said...

Aw, what a cutie! And you feel bad about not writing a birthday letter? I never even thought to do something like that... which would make me reaaaallly behind since mine have none, lol!!! Sweet idea! :)