Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Preuss Family

Today, at school, Lily drew the Preuss family:

Hayden, Angela, and Adam. I love how they all have soooo many fingers. On the way home, Lily said, "Oh, but I didn't draw Angela's baby! Maybe I will at home."

"You'll draw Angela with a big belly at home?"

"No, I'll draw Angela's baby!" So apparently in Lily's mind, 7-mo-preggers Angela has already had her baby ;)

But when she got home, all Lily wanted to do was cut out the picture - Hayden was on one side of the paper, Angela and Adam on the other - so now I'm pretty sure whomever was on the back is decapitated ("Haha - look! I cut off his head!").

Oh well...At least they have plenty of fingers to spare.