Tuesday, February 15, 2011

9 Month and 4 Year Stats

This week, Sam had her 9 month well-visit at the Pediatrician.

Weight: 21.3 oz (86th%)
Height: 27" (30th%)
Head Circumference: 45cm (77th%)

Doctor Craig was a little discouraged by Sam's gross motor delay - said her gross motor skills were at a 7-month level instead of 9 months. She said if she were one more month behind, she would be at least 33% behind and would qualify for aid to help her along. I think Doctor Craig really likes state aid, because I think she's always been the one to encourage me to call Early Intervention with Lily and Jake's speech delays and with Jake's gross motor delay at 16 months.

I'm really not concerned about Sam. I brushed her off as being "mushy" like Jake (who didn't crawl until he was 11 months or walk until he was 17 months), but she was reminded me that just because her brother eventually caught up doesn't mean she's delayed for the same reasons. So now we have some milestones to look for by one year: crawl, pull to a stand, and stay standing. For now, I'd just be happy to have her put some weight on her legs once in a while...

Sam's last stats here (6 months)...

Lily also had her 4-year well-visit (holy cow, four years old...).

Weight: 35.5lb (49th%)
Height: 40" (48th%)
Blood Pressure: 60/40

Doctor Craig was very happy with her combined weight and height...something about her having a good BMI. Sounds good to me!


Jen Hixson said...

Lil is almost the same size as Andrew. His 4 years stats were 36lbs and 42". I SO wish we were closer, so we could have these rugrats together!

AG Field Day- April 30. We are *going* to get together.