Tuesday, June 1, 2010

EMT and ER Photos

Note: These pics were added 02/10/11 - always meant to add them right after the fact last year, but I guess I just didn't want to look at them...

At home, a couple minutes after he came out of the first seizure:

Jake's seizure had stopped before the EMTs arrived, but he wasn't lucid until after they strapped all that stuff onto him, so you can imagine his confusion and fear once he really "woke up" on the floor amidst the hubbub.

In the ER later that night, after his second seizure:

Every doctor and nurse to come into the room would comment on his cute Spider-Man shirt, and ask him how he liked Spider-Man - and every time, Jacob would freak out, because he didn't know who that was or what his shirt said, and just heard everyone talking about spiders all night!

The nurses were great and gave him a matchbox car to race around his bed - sound effects included (note the open mouth):

After his one incredibly awful, scary test that I don't even want to mention, the nurses gave him this stuffed horse for being so brave:

It's been in his crib at home every night since. Not as a reminder of what happened, but as a reminder of how grateful we are it hasn't happened again.

Eventually, he got his second wind, and it was jump-on-the-bed time for this happy little stinker:

But then he was sleepy, and settled in...

Sweet dreams, baby boy: