Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How I'm Feeling: Week 33

Or..."When Things Fall Into Place"

Had my latest OB appt this morning, and it turns out I'm 33.5 weeks, not 32.5 weeks like I thought. Seems the haze and activity of the last two weeks clouded my brain and made me lose count in there. Oops.

Man, that means I'm going to be 34 weeks Friday. That's just nuts. SO much closer to 40 than 32...I'm going to have to start wrapping my brain around this whole baby situation. Yes, I know I'm a little slow. I've definitely been used to the "baby in my belly" concept for quite some time now, but my brain has not quite gotten to the "baby is going to come out...and live here. And poop here. And keep Mama up at night again. And take up lots of space with lots of STUFF" concept yet.

The good news is the baby finally got into position - her head is down where it should be and I'm no longer breech. Phew, at least that's taken care of. (Now stay there, baby!) Tina had some trouble feeling the head this time, so we did a quick topical ultrasound and BOOM! There's the baby! All of a sudden, her image jumped on screen - her little hands cuddling in front of her face, legs kicking away, head down in my pelvis where we hoped it would be. Just like I said after our level II ultrasound at 20 weeks (our last view), seeing the image of your baby up on screen never, ever gets old.

Other stats? I've gained 25 lbs thus far. (24 lbs as of four weeks ago, 26 lbs two weeks ago, and 25 lbs today.) This may sound super for someone who's nearing the end of her pregnancy, but I know I have a history of gaining a lot very quickly at the end, so the longer I can stay lower, the better. I gained 40 lbs with Lily and 33 lbs with Jacob. (I was so happy to have only gained 30 lbs by his due date, but then packed on another 3 lbs in the 8 extra days waiting for him to come out - little stinker.)

So yeah, I was hoping to keep it under or around 30 again this time. We'll see how close I get.

We also talked about this head/chest cold that I've had FOREVER. She said since a pregnant woman's sinuses are so full to begin with (something I've known but never really felt with any of my pregnancies), when you add a head cold or viral sinus infection on top of that, everything is so built up in there that it can turn bacterial and I may actually need antibiotics to get rid of it. Yuck. So in typical Leah fashion, I'm going to do nothing but wait it out a little longer and see what happens. If it's not resolved or at least much better before my next appointment two weeks from now, I may start taking something just so when she asks me about it, I can at least say I've started doing SOMEthing. Hopefully, it won't come to that.

Will scan today's ultrasound pic and post it when I get the chance. For now, that's all the new baby news!

Note: Haha! Didn't scan and put the ultrasound picture in until February 10, 2011 - almost a whole year later! Guess with three kids in the house, "when I get the chance" is closer to NEVER.


Chiwanderer said...

yay for baby girl getting into the right position :) excited to see your little one soon enough!

Juliet said...

I had a similar feeling the "just dawning on me" thought the other day. 'There's gonna be a baby here in two months...or less!' My midwife last week couldn't tell yet if the baby is head down, but I think s/he has been down for a little while. S/he hiccups really low a lot... We need to get together soon! Very soon!

Mel said...

Glad things are going well with the pregnancy! Hey, you're doing good - i gained 50 the first time, and 40 the second, after never losing the last 10 lbs! i did lose most of it in the first 4 months or so both times though...