Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who Knew?

Apparently, when you take your kids with you to the midwife for your monthly pre-natal visits, there are lollipops involved. LOLLIPOPS. If they would have told me this sooner, I would have brought them EVERY MONTH.

What - pregnant Mamas don't want Tootsie Rolls?!

Tina was super excited to give Jacob his first ever lollipop. He was very excited to receive it.

She said giving a little kid his or her first lollipop is one of the highlights of her job, and that she loves how they always know exactly what to do with it without having to be told. I found it amazing that he didn't drop it once, considering how the majority of his food usually ends up on the floor every mealtime. Now we have proof that he CAN control it. Stinker.

I told Tina she could have the privilege of this milestone considering she delivered him and all. And there was that whole untangling the cord from around his neck business. She totally deserved this moment.

Lily picked out the lollipops for her and Jacob (pretty funny that they were pink and blue - guess people start indoctrinating them with color bias pretty young):

Of course, I picked out my own - sorry, little girl, Mama's gotta have her chocolate!

As we left Tina's office, Lily lagged behind in the hall and eventually said, "Oh, something's sticking to my teeth..."

Mmmm the core of Tootsie Roll goodness.

Hers was gone long before we hit the parking lot.

Can I tell you how excited I was to take Mr. Sticky Face/hands/shirt/pants into the car? Good thing we had wipes! (Here he is, saying, "Cheese!" - sounds more like "eeesh".)


Mel said...


J came to all of my prenatal appointments but never got a lollipop... the majority of his food usually ends up on the floor these days too. :( Bet he wouldn't have dropped a lollipop either ;>