Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free Pancakes at IHOP

Today, my mom and I took the kids to IHOP for National Pancake Day, where each guest gets a free short stack of pancakes. Just like when we went to Taco Bell last month, our server did not consider the two kids worthy of their own short stacks. When she came to take our order, I said, "We'd each like the free short stack, please." (Plus drinks and one meal we actually ordered and paid for.)

At the end, when she was recapping, she said, "OK, so that's two shortstacks - "

"Four shortstacks. The kids are eating, too."

Fortunately, she didn't have a problem changing the order, but it was just funny that, once again, the kids were overlooked. They're not babies in infant seats. They're walking. They're talking (sort of). They eat with utensils...or sticky fingers.

We all enjoyed our free pancakes, and Lily enjoyed sampling each of the different syrups - strawberry, blueberry, and butter pecan. I think she liked the butter pecan the most. That girl could eat pancakes "with SYRUP!" all day every day. She was SOOO excited when I told her we were going out for pancakes!

(Here she is, sampling the syrups.)

Lily kept said she was cold and wanted a hat, and thought it was great fun when we hung her jacket off her head instead:

Jacob, not one to be left out, had to get in on the action:

Then he thought it was hysterical when Oma put her napkin on his head:

I can't get over how much bigger our little stinker looks this year than on last year's free pancake day:

Look what a big boy! My goodness. Even just how much higher he is at the table.

And we thought he was cute back then...I wonder how much MORE handsome he will be next year!


Jen Hixson said...

It's a good thing the server reviewed the order with you- imagine the anarchy if she only came out with two! LOL You and Oma would've been waiting for more. I think Andrew would love to sample all the syrups. I am a mean (crafty) Mama- he rarely gets syrup at home because I give him yogurt to dip his pancakes in. It is just easier to clean up. LOL