Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Wonderland

The snow God sent to Lily on her birthday:

Lily making a snow angel:

Oma and Lily making a snowman:

Two snowmen:

Three snowmen:

The first time we've ever made snowmen (or snow angels) with Lily. What a big girl!

So different than the reaction to her first snowstorm:

Though she did love the snow last year. Here she is this past January:

(Now her legs hang off the sled and she has to fold them up!)

And here was little Jacob this past January:

(He's still wearing those snow pants...they are a little short on him now.)

Propped up:

Without a prop:

(I don't think he was trying to make snow angels...boy was he a good sport!)

Here are some pics from this winter's first snowstorm a few weeks ago:

(Sorry it's blurry)

Jacob's first real snow experience!!

(See the red cheeks on the little man?)

Lily enjoyed the snowy slide:

Jacob enjoyed the house - no snow in there!

Here's a video of the two of them that night (sorry it's a little dark - hence the NIGHT part):