Monday, November 9, 2009

Visiting the Ol' Alma Mater

Saturday, Ryan and I found ourselves back at Rider University for the first time since I graduated 7 1/2 years ago - 1 week before our wedding. That was where we started dating, and now we were bringing our kids back for a visit. So crazy.

It was a beautiful, fall day and we got some great shots of Lily:

Lily was very excited to spend time with Sharon. Look at those smiles!

Rob took this great family shot of us in front of my old dorm (Wright B chicks forever!!!):

And as hard as she tried, Sharon was unable to get a shot of the four of us smiling and looking at the camera (how hard will it be with FIVE?!). Though the shots she DID get are pretty great:

(Hooray for outtakes!)

A group shot of some of the old InterVarsity bunch:

Eric (current Rider IV staff worker), Ryan, Lily, Leah, Rob, Sharon, Kristine


Melissa said...

Cute cute pictures!!!

Hope your pregnancy is going well and you don't have too many of the negative symptoms! :)