Saturday, November 21, 2009

How I'm Feeling: Week 16

Can't write long because we're headed to Ikea because MAMA WANTS MEATBALLS. And oh yeah, maybe some stuff for the house.

So yeah, this whole pregnancy has been about food. Food I want, food I don't want. And lots and lots of Thai food. Spicy food, saucy food. Anything made entirely of MEAT. And salt.

A typical late-night snack? More dinner. I haven't really been wanting snacks or sweets. When I want to eat, I want to EAT. As in hot, dinner food. With sauce. From Thailand.

Did I mention Thai food? Mmmm...

I was having a lot of trouble figuring out what to eat before bed. I didn't want a little something. I wanted a MEAL. But I knew I shouldn't. Ryan would watch me pace back and forth from the couch to the fridge, fridge to the couch, continually coming back empty-handed, complaining that there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to eat. When really, there was plenty of food, just nothing I saw looked appetizing. Which for me, is very abnormal, because non-pregnant me would usually eat the first thing I saw. "Hmm, that looks good. Sure!" Not too picky.

Finally, in my frustration, I would send Ryan to the kitchen. "Find me something to eat! There's NOTHING!" Typical pregnant wife, right? Although I can't remember ever being the typical pregnant wife. I can't remember any other pregnancy so driven by food and cravings and I Don't WANT That and I NEED That Other Thing.

So Ryan would walk to the fridge and the pantry and offer me the same things I just saw, and I would collapse in frustration that I was dying of starvation, and he would just shake his head at me and smile. "So that's what this is like...."

Finally we agreed that toast with blackberry jam (mmmm berries) would suffice when nothing else would, and that's what he was instructed to make me when I was otherwise irrationally inconsolable. Then I bought a big 6-pack of cup of noodles, college-style, and mmmm now THAT is what I want when I need something before bed. It's hot. Like real food. And has a little kick. And perhaps there's even a little salt in it ;) Just maybe.

OK, I really have to go now. We're gathering the troops to get in the car and the smell of Swedish sauces is calling me. Maybe I'll write about everything else that's happening in this pregnancy (which, pretty typical of my pregnancies, is not much).



Tante Ilse said...

poor ryan....

Anonymous said...

with thomas, I had to to dip everything in salt and ranch dressing. was weird, with both boys I chewed ice cubes..incessantly. It drove scott nuts..

It's nice when all you have to worry about is food cravings huh?

Amanda said...

Haha...I just bet you're having a BOY. ;)

Lori said...

Haha, that sounds like me nursing Jeffrey. I am always wanting food, REAL food, not silly snackie stuff. How about cheese? I keep tons of it in the house, and cheese melted on toast is a nice, quick "real food" snack late at night... you could get jalapeno jack if you want spicy =)

Melissa said...

Too funny! My pregnancy with Lydia was just the opposite, except that nothing sounded appealing! But I didn't really have any cravings at all but still managed to gain a whole lot of weight! Afterr she was born, though, all I wanted for awhile was grapes and soup. Mmmmm grapes and soup still sound so to eat some grapes now! haha