Monday, October 19, 2009

Lily on the Phone

Took this video of Lily on the phone at her grandparents' house about a month ago. It is hysterical. I laugh every time I watch it. I love the blinking eyes as she's talking, and her enthusiasm, and her little pigtails swishing around.

I love that she says hi to Jonah ("I talkin' to Jonah!"), Bob, Larry, Snuffy, Bib Bird, and Elmo before saying buh-bye. I knew the minute I captured this moment on film, it would be one of my favorite moments ever. Enjoy!


Auntie Ilse said...

she doesn't even know how cute she is...and the best part was that she had this entire conversation while sitting on the potty. sweeeeeet!

Jen Hixson said...

Too sweet. We need to get her and Andrew together. That is just like a conversation he would have.