Saturday, September 5, 2009

Here We Go AGAIN

This past Sunday, I got a positive test at 31 days:

This time, both kids got in on the posing action - in the Yankees outfits and in the Bumbo seats, as always. (Compare with last time in May.)

Jacob didn't last too long, but Lily was happy to keep posing. I love how her dress flows around the seat:

Too bad you couldn't actually read the test strip in these pictures of her holding it:

It's the earliest I've ever tested. (And the earliest I've ever shared the news.) So that makes me 37 days preggers today on Saturday, less than a week after finding out. It's such a tease that I don't have my first OB appt until the 30th of September at 8 1/2 weeks - that's like a month away! I made sure to have the receptionist schedule it for a time when the doctor, not just the midwife, was available. If we don't hear a heartbeat, there's no way I'm leaving that place without an ultrasound and confirmation one way or the other. (She doesn't do ultrasounds, just the doppler.)

I feel so strange about this one. I don't have any symptoms. Sometimes I think I do, but then I think it's just in my head because I'm trying to look for them. It completely does not feel real. When I was pregnant with Lily, after the first miscarriage, I never believed it. Even after hearing the heartbeat and seeing that first ultrasound, I still doubted. Not until I felt her kicking me every day did I start to relax and feel like everything might turn out OK. It hurt too much to hope.

This time, I don't think I'm as guarded as practical. Once I get some solid proof that everything's OK, I'm going to be CRAZY excited. But I'm just not there yet. It feels so strange telling people that you're pregnant when it feels like a big hoax...


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh - CONGRATULATIONS, Leah!!! :) I was wondering when I would hear this again! ;) I need to call you...I'll try later today after naptime! I'm excited for you, even if you aren't yet...(((hugs)))

Love ya!


Mel said...

Wow! I hope everything goes well. Your feelings make total sense!

Mel said...

I mean "Wow" in a good sense (every baby is truly a blessing :))

Sharon said...

Yay! congratulations! I'm very happy and excited for you!

Brent and Abigail said...

CONGRATS. we are SO happy and excited for you. we'll be praying everything goes well.

Anonymous said...

two thumbs way way up!!!

The Smiths said...

WOW!! yeepee!! well, I sure am glad I was checking out my blog. These are great news. CONGRATS you guys! I guess you won this one ;)