Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bradley Reunion

Maria and Fred were a couple in our Bradley birth class when we were pregnant with Lily in 2006. Their baby Jasmine was born a month after Lily. The last time I saw Maria was when Lily and Jasmine were just a couple months old.

Would you look at them now?!

Here's another fun comparison shot:

And oh yeah, did I mention we each then had two boys within two months of each other?

(Apparently, Lily was loving Jacob a little too aggressively for his taste...)

Here's a shot of the four little munchkins in action:


Aunt Ilse said...

Oh my, Jacob looks so much like his Uncle Seth in this pix. It's uncanny. What little cutie pies!

Amanda said...

How funny!!! They both (the girls) look so mature in those pics!!! And I love LOVE the one with Jacob freaking out...too CUTE!!! :)

I miss them!