Sunday, July 26, 2009

Neon Blue Facepaint

This weekend, we celebrated Eowyn's 1st birthday party. Here's the sweet birthday girl:

Here's happy Jacob with his happy Daddy:

Here's the happy family with the yummy homemade cake:

The sleepy, sweaty boy:

And oh my goodness, the cupcake face:

She was so happy to finally eat her cupcake, she plopped herself down and quietly stuffed her face until she was done and completely covered with blue goo - thank you, Angela, for cleaning her off ;)

Here's a link to the whole album:
Eowyn's 1st Birthday 7/25/09


Amanda said...

Oh my...the kids are getting SO cute!!! And that blue icing!!! WOW - you could find her in the dark! ;)

Aunt Iles said...

Hee-Hee, so cute. Did Lily get her hair trimmed?? And that Jacob looks like "a little Uncle Seth" with that adorable haircut. C U tomorrow at Surf City!