Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Break-In

A few weeks ago, we got the news that the house of a neighbor down the street was broken into and jewelry was stolen, including the owner's wedding ring. She is a widow. Which means she has lost not only her husband, but now the earthly symbol of his love for her.

I'm full of sighs and heartache just writing this. Yes, I am a sentimental fool sometimes, but this just makes me SO MAD. You don't steal a widow's wedding band.

This morning, a neighbor came over to tell me another house, closer to home, was broken into yesterday. Again, the break-in happened through a back window (of which we have plenty) during the day and jewelry was the main target. This happened in a house I can see FROM MY HOUSE. It's that close. And it's next to a police officer's house. You'd think we'd feel a little safer with a cop living across the street, but I guess these robbers don't really care. Or are just really desperate.

Last time Ryan heard the news, he installed all new locks throughout the house. What will he do this time? I'm extremely thankful they stay away when the house is occupied, but it makes me hesitant to leave during the day now. What will I find missing when I come home? Will someone still be here trying to figure out where all the real jewelry is? (Only on my ring finger, people!)

Maybe I should post a sign on all the doors, saying, "Only costume jewelry here. Don't waste your time."


Amanda said...

Oh man, that is scary!!! I hope there are no more!

And that makes me SO MAD too. :(