Saturday, June 20, 2009

How I'm Feeling - 7 Weeks

Note: This post was written on May 24, and not published until now.

I can't believe I'm writing one of these "How I'm Feeling" posts again! Oh my gosh, wasn't I just pregnant??

So once again, I have no real morning sickness and pray it remains that way. The only times my stomach feels a little funny is if I go too long between meals. I have to eat very regularly, or else what I assume is just a hint of morning sickness sneaks up on me, and then I don't WANT to eat b/c my stomach is turning, but I know I have to eat to make myself feel better. What a strange logic - eat because you feel like you're going to throw up! This happened yesterday before lunchtime and again just before bed. I guess with the chaos of getting ready for Jacob's birthday party, and then recovering from it afterwards, I had forgotten to eat for quite a while each time and started feeling it.

The only other pregnancy-related symptom I guess I have is an early morning lack of sleep. For the past week or so, I have been waking up extra early to go to the little girl's room, but then when I get back to bed, I am overly hot and completely unable to go back to sleep. I just lay there, for an hour or two, wishing I could go back to sleep. When have I EVER not been able to sleep?

Oh yeah, the last two times I was pregnant ;)

Otherwise, I'm feeling great. No real concerns or problems to post about. I'm looking forward to my first check-up in two weeks, to seeing the baby's heartbeat on the monitor, and to getting the first glimpse of our new little peanut in my belly.