Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Go Get Your Free Stuff

I thought people might not want to read another post about how to get free stuff, but then I thought, really? Who doesn't like free?!

Here are the best/easiest deals I've seen or done lately:

Mac'N'Cheese crackers:
Free after rebate.

Pert for Men:
Though I haven't found this in a store yet... If anyone does, let me know.

Seattle's Best coffee:
I bought this at Shoprite last night. I cut it open to get the UPC off the bag, and it smelled SO GOOD. Too bad it was midnight and I was in no mood to caffeinate myself.

Juicy Juice sippy cup:
Mine came in the mail today - I was just thinking yesterday how I really wanted to buy Jacob his own new sippy cup, instead of just using Lily's hand-me-downs!

Quaker True Delights bar:
Fill out the form and it will get sent to you. I got mine in the mail last week and it was SO GOOD.
Milk Matters coloring book:
Got Lily's in the mail last week. We can always use new coloring books!

Glucerna cereal:
Fill this out and you'll get a coupon good for up to $5 a box of cereal. You can print it twice, and use it on two boxes. I bought two boxes for $4-something each at CVS, so they were both free.

Speaking of cereal...there is a strawberry SmartStart cereal or a blueberry MiniWheats cereal that you can try for free. Just go to your grocery store and find the box with the big, yellow, "Try it Free!" across the top, and fill out the rebate form inside the box.

Here's a nice money-maker at CVS this month:
You basically buy 2 of these mouth rinses to qualify for the $10 mail-in rebate, but you also get $4 extra bucks for each, so you earn about $8 in the end. Not too shabby.

Don't forget - you can still sign up at any Aerie for their A-List club, and get a free gift once a month. Last month was a cute floral tote bag, this month was body spray. Free is good.

Every day, it's like my birthday getting the mail. I never know what's going to be in there! Will it be a free product? (Today was the sippy cup.) Will it be a rebate? (Yesterday's was for peanut butter.)

OK, I have to stop stalling now. Both kids are sleeping and I have to finish cleaning the house before friends come over tonight. I'm SUCH a good staller...