Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Day of Firsts

Saturday morning, after all four of us slept in wonderfully late (thank you THANK YOU, kids), we all went to breakfast at Ihop. We ordered Lily the Create-A-Face kids meal. The "face" they brought out was in actuality kind of scary, with drippy strawberry eyes, scattered banana lips, and a non-existent whipped cream nose. It also came with strawberry Go-Yurt for kids to squeeze on the pancake themselves, hence the "create" part of the name.

While there wasn't much creating going on at our table, we did have a chance to teach Lily how to drink yogurt from a tube, by squeezing the ends up as she went.

Someday, when Lily's married and her husband sees her squeeze every last ounce of paste out of the toothpaste tube, he will know who to thank.

And at the other end of the table, guess who learned how to drink through a straw?

Chubby little buddy! I was not expecting it to happen so quickly. And how ironic that Lily also learned how to drink through a straw at the same Ihop! I remember with Lily, Ryan and I were cheering so loudly when she finally did it (we had tried many times before), that the waitress came over to see what was going on - and started cheering, too!

Ryan and I can not get over how big of a boy Jacob is suddenly. My goodness, he will be ONE next month. It almost pains me to say little baby! I know this is going to sound cliche, but they really do grow up SO fast... After he drank through the straw, we talked about how we underestimate his abilities so frequently. Is it because he's so small for his age? Or is it just because he's number two? Or maybe it's a combination of both.

(The two men in my life.)


Amanda said...

Way to go, little buddy!!! Can't believe you're almost 1!!

Brent and Abigail said...

isn't it great when they let you sleep in like that? so fun to have the same firsts for both at IHOP :)

Angela said...

I was just wondering about that today, the whole underestimating how fast they grow. Hayden is climbing up a rung ladder to go down a slide all by himself and walking down stairs like a real person as long as he can hold a railing. And I've encouraged him to do these things faster. It made me wonder if I'll do the same with the next kid, or if I'll want them to be a baby longer because it might be my last, or if I just won't notice when they've made the leap because it's the second...

Mel said...

How big is he? Just curious! Josiah turns out to be very tall and thin for his age :)

That is neat about Jacob being able to drink from a straw!