Monday, March 16, 2009

Freebies and Savings

Lori and I had quite the eventful trip to the mall today...with all four kids. The freebies were a'rollin'! We each got a free pair of undies at "Aerie" (American Eagle), I got a free tote at Victoria's Secret, I got my free weekly goodies at CVS, and we bought a coffee at Seattle's Best (in Borders) and got one free. Plus we snagged free Auntie Anne's pretzel samples (ehem...twice), free coffee and scone samples at Seattle's Best, and free chocolate samples at Godiva. So we left the mall with happy bellies and lots of bags, and only spent $2 each on coffee.

Pretty sweet.

I thought I'd mention some of the better freebies floating around online right now. My Bloglines account contains so many "thrift" and "coupon" and "savings" blogs that sometimes it can take a while sorting through legitimate, desireable savings verses offers that aren't really a good deal or that just aren't that interesting. Sure, the Melting Pot is offering free chocolate fondue, but you have to buy a meal for two to use it, and you KNOW how expensive that place is, so that doesn't really constitute "free" in my book.

And yes, I've had to give my junk e-mail address to LOTS of different companies, but hey - they send me coupons for free stuff, so keep the e-mails coming!

Here's what we did today:

Free Underwear from Aerie
(print coupon then bring to the store and sign up for their "A List" club)
What we really liked about joining this is that we get a free gift EVERY MONTH, plus one on your birthday! (Offer expires Wednesday, so hurry!)

Free Tote from Victoria's Secret
(fill out the form then bring the coupon to the store)

Buy One Get One Free Mocha or Latte from Seattle's Best (in Borders)
What a great coupon to print over and over and over again!

Here's some more free stuff floating around right now:

Free Sure Deodorant
(buy the deodorant listed and use this form for a full refund)

Free Sample of GoodNites Underpants

Just for Men Touch of Gray Hair Color
(buy the product and use this form for a full refund)

Free Gardener's Idea Book from Proven Winners
(when you join the "Winners Circle" e-mail list)

Some More Gardening Freebies

Free Diet Dr. Pepper

Free Breakfast at Ikea
(March 20th-22nd, 2009)

Free Italian Ice at Rita's
(March 20th - to celebrate the 1st day of Spring)

Free Diabetes Meter from One-Touch
(fill out a questionairre)
This reminds me: I am now selling the afore-mentioned blood glucose monitoring kit on eBay, since no one I knew wanted it for free.

Free Pretzel from Auntie Anne's
(when you buy one pretzel)
I know this doesn't really count as free according to my own rules, but come know you were going to buy one anyway LORI so that really does make the extra one free ;)

There are more freebies showing up in my Bloglines regularly - I can't keep up with them all. Seems my printer can't, either - I'm just about out of ink. Yikes! Thank goodness the printer was free and so was the paper ;)


Anonymous said...

WOW! looks like the word for today is "FREE"!! my head was spinning reading about all the free stuff you and lori got. it sounds like you had fun while you were at it. only 10 more working days and YOURS TRULY will be retired. wooo-hooooo auntie ilse

Em Maliks Kitchen said...

WOW!! What a deal!! My eyes popped open once i saw all your freebie links!! I'm gonna print em all

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Totally following ya!! (wink)