Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pre-Surgery Bloodwork

I had my bloodword done today in preparation for my surgery next Friday. (It's coming so quickly!) The bloodwork will check:
  • My liver - it definitely needs to function properly if I'm going to be down a gall bladder

  • My blood count - to make sure I'm not anemic, etc.

  • My bloodtype - I already know what I am, but I can understand why they'd want to check for themselves
I also had to leave a "sample" so they can check if I'm pregnant. I'm thinking I'm not, but I'm glad they're double checking, because, never know. Results should be back Friday or Monday, then they need to precertify me with the insurance company, then I'll be 100% covered for the surgery.

Finally - those monthly insurance premiums are going towards something!

We're still not able to get Jacob to take a bottle, and he still throws up every kind of formula we've given him. I only have about 3 or 4 pumped bottles in the freezer (oops...I gotta get on that), and when the time comes, he's just gonna have to take a bottle, whether or not he wants to. He'll eventually get so thirsty he'll have no other choice.

Poor little Mama's boy has no idea what he's in for while Mama's out of comission!


Anonymous said...

i think when i'm "on deck" next saturday, i will put vanilla milkshake into jacob's bottle. i betcha he'll drink that!! you're right, that little stinker doesn't know what he's in for without his precious liquid from you. bye, gotta jet! auntie ilse

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can use a sippy?

Amanda said...

Poor little guy...we'll be praying that everything goes well!!! :)