Monday, February 9, 2009

Lily and Jacob: 101

To Mom (x2) and Aunt Ilse...who will be here in shifts whilst I recover from having a body part removed Friday.

Foods Jacob Eats:
Rice and Rice Cereal
Oats and Oatmeal Cereal
Barley and Barley Cereal
Sweet Potato
Butternut Squash
White Potato
Green Beans
Egg Yolk (no white)
Split Pea Soup
Squash/Pumpkin Soup
Mashed Potatoes
or, any jarred food in the pantry
or, any food cubes in the freezer
**Definitely no nuts or fish or eggwhites or citrus**

Foods Lily Eats:
Everything but nuts and shellfhish

On the kitchen tabel, labeled w/name and doseage, once/day

5 or 6 a.m.
Before breakfast
Before lunch
Once in afternoon
Just after dinner
Before bed
Once around midnight or 1 a.m.
*I'm not sure how this will translate to bottles, or how much he will take each time. Good luck!

Food Ideas for Jacob:
Jacob eats three times a day, same as when we do . There are jars of baby food in the pantry and cubes of frozen food in the top of the freezer, but he really likes REAL food the best, i.e. table scraps or fruits/veggies processed just small enough that he can't choke. He loves soup (anything warm is usually a hit). His favorite food is banana, followed closely by avacado. Another easy snack is applesauce. He has not yet had yogurt, cheese, or meat.

Food Ideas for Lily:
Lily would be happy with oatmeal every single morning (and will probably ask for it as soon as she wakes up!). She is also a big fan of eggs ("Look, Lily - chese!") or pancakes. For lunch, we normally have leftovers from the fridge, and if there are none, grilled cheese or mac-n-cheese are always popular. She likes to snack on yogurt, applesauce, hard-boiled eggs, Cheerios, or of course junkfood. If she's acting picky, adding ketchup, bbq sauce, or shredded cheddar usually helps ;)

Jacob's Sleep Habits:
B/t 5 - 6 a.m. - Up to eat, then back to sleep
B/t 7:30 - 8:30 - Up for the day
B/t 10 a.m. - noon - First nap (not long! Usually 20 minutes, at most an hour)
B/t 2 - 5 a.m. - Second nap (maybe longer, but 20 minutes still common)
Night: b/t 7 and 9 p.m., depending on when he last woke up
Night Waking: Up once around midnight or 1 a.m. to eat, then back to sleep

Lily's Sleep Habits:
Nap: anytime b/t 12-5, usually lasting 1-3 hours
Night: b/t 7-8 p.m. and 7:30-8:30 a.m.
Night Waking: Usually sleeps through the night, sometimes wakes up looking for her pacifier, sometimes wakes up a million times for no explainable reason

Lily's More Common Hard-to-Understand Words:
Rah rah rah - Pacifier
Shah-sheet (or rubs cheek w/back of hand) - Blanket
Shah-sheet - Jacket
Nyoke - Milk
Away - Awake
Heep - Asleep
Hopchop or Hoppy-yop - Jacob
Foo foo Fay - Uncle Jay
Wori - Lori
Taytum - Kirsten (also pumpkin)
Feffrey - Jeffrey
Oh-hee - Oatmeal
Hnah - Snack
All of her words are very deliberate and always repeated exactly the same. She does not normally chatter (except to herself), so if she looks at you and says something, it's something specific you can figure out if you ask her enough questions or make enough guesses.

Jacob's Mobility:
He is rolling all over, so don't leave him on a bed or a couch or a chair. He can take a nosedive off. He is pushing himself backwards on the floor, and just Sunday, really started getting his knees under himself and lifting his belly to crawl backwards. Just make sure when you put him down that Lily (or anyone else) has not left anything small enough for him to choke on lying around, like a hair barette or a piece of a crayon. He can sit "unassisted" on the floor, but put a pillow or something behind him, because he is very fond of throwing himself backwards when he is done sitting.

Diapers and wipes for each kid are in the top drawers of their dressers. Extra diapers are on their closet floors. There is also a small diaper/wipes station in the dining room. It can be restocked from the diapers in their dresser drawers. Lily is a size 4 and Jacob is a size 3, but if it's too difficult to tell which is which, it doesn't really make a difference. As long as she's not in a size 3 overnight, she's good. Dirty diapers go in the guest bath garbage or the kitchen garbage.

PJs are in their dressers. Lily's shoes, jeans, overalls, dresses, onesies, and matched sets are in her closet. Shirts and sweatpants are in her dresser. Socks and tights are in her nighstand. Jacob's onesies, socks, and shirts are in his dresser. Pants, sweaters, overalls, and sleep sacks are in his closet. It's normally too much of a hassle to put shoes on him (not like he's walking), but if you feel like it, his shoes are in the Star Wars backpack in his closet. Good luck fining a pair that fits. We typically put two sleepers on Lily over her onesie when we put her to it's like she's wearing an undershirt, pjs, and a blanket. We put a long-sleeved sleepsack over whatever Jacob's wearing when we put him to bed (if he's wearing something stiffer like jeans or corduroys, we'll change them for sweats first, so he's more comfortable).

My goodness, I feel like I've written a book! I know this is way more info than necessary, but it's also nice to have it all written down so I can look back someday and see what they were doing at these ages (8 and 25 months).


Anonymous said...

sorry but i can't write because i'm too scared after reading this list. after i finish reading and studying the list, i have to go to bed and wake up sat morning so i'm rested for my shift. :):) aunt ilse
p.s. just make sure ryan is home!

Brent and Abigail said...

you are so organized. I think Jacob and Colin are so much alike - Colin was on the same nursing schedule and sleep schedule too! GOod luck with your operation and recovery. we'll be praying for you

Amanda said...

Wish I could help out - we'll be praying though!!!



The Smiths said...

hey so did this list of things help at all... or did everyone just go with the flow..