Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Bride & Groom Come to Visit

The matching sweater dorks: me, my mom, Aunt Ilse, Oma, and Heidi

The new bride with Jacob, Opa looking on

Family friend Adelle with Jacob


Bethany Erber said...

the sweaters: notice the older generation all had necklaces on over the sweaters and the younger generation did not. ha.

Anonymous said...

actually heidi (babe at the far right) did have a necklace on but since she's standing sideways it's hard to see. you can slightly see the chain. we sure are a bunch of stylin chicks in that cool 'n groovy sweater and we had such a fun time! auntie, ilse

Amanda said...

Nice sweaters! Jacob is such a sweet little stinker!!! ;)