Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Goes Down, Must Come Up...

Last night, Lily threw up for the first time.

And the second time, and the third time...and the seventh time.

We were driving home from Bible study when we heard an awful sound from the backseat, like Lily was choking. Ryan turned around and told me she was throwing up and to pull over. Lily was a little distressed when she saw her lunch back on her jacket. Ryan and I were a little distressed that her lunch was back on her jacket...and her car seat and her blanket and her clothes, etc.

After two hurling sessions in the car, we finally got home and gave her a nice, warm bath. She had no idea something was wrong with her or that wretching was not normal, as she smiled and played in the tub. Then she threw up in her bedroom, into the garbage can we had prepared for her. Ryan rubbed her back and held the can as we told her how good she was doing puking in the can.

She's all about putting things were they belong, so we had to set a good precedent.

We wrapped an old beach towel around her crib mattress and put a few more on the carpet outside of her crib. Ryan tucked me into the bed across the room, and Lily thought it was neat that Mama was sleeping in the room with her. We put the Sponge Bob nightlight lamp on the floor, so I could keep an eye on her in the dark. The sand glowed yellow under Sponge Bob's beach blanket.

I hardly slept last night, and if I did, it was with one eye open. Every time she rolled over, or changed her breathing pattern, or sighed, or yawned, I popped out of bed, wondering what was coming, getting the garbage can ready. I only had a few moments notice each time, and she was not too happy that I was making her sit up in bed when she was so tired. But each time she was done, she went right back to sleep, and for this, I was very thankful.

At least ONE of us was sleeping.

Ryan came in to get me around 5 a.m. Jacob was ready for his morning meal. I tucked him into the bed with me and we drifted back to sleep. Lily woke up around 8 a.m. and took a super long nap (at least three hours) today. She is acting tired, but not crabby and miserable like when she had that high fever last week. She is still pleasant, and silly, just a little more STILL than normal. Which is always appreciated.

I bought some PediaLight, but she wants nothing to do with it. So far, all she's had to eat today is half a banana and a gingersnap. She seems OK with that, so I'm not going to push her.

Here's to hoping we don't have another repeat of last night tonight. It was so awful seeing and hearing her throwing up - I hope my little stinker is all better now!

P.S. Jacob and I are both stuffed up with runny noses (which actually helped me last night when I had to clean Lily off in the car...I couldn't smell a thing so it didn't bother me a bit)(Ryan was so bothered by the smell, he was driving along with the windows down and you KNOW how freezing it was last night). Anyway, Jacob's forehead just felt a little warm, so I took his temperature.

If it's not one thing, it's another...


Anonymous said...

sick is never fun =(

Anonymous said...

Poor Lily! I haven't dealt with toddler vomit yet, sounds like you handled it really well.