Friday, January 16, 2009


My pocket is full of tissues - some dirty - from Lily's runny nose.

Lily's sleeve is covered with slime (see previous).

My gall bladder removal is scheduled for Friday the 13th...of February. The day before Valentine's Day. So I'm getting just what I excuse to spend the whole day in bed sleeping and watching movies.

Jacob is in his booster seat at the table, playing with the little car dashboard that his grandparents gave to Lily when she was his age. He doesn't know it sings out of tune.

One of my friends is at the hospital in labor right now. I think "A Baby Story" is there with her.

Lily is walking around with no pants on, her diaper dragging from one ankle.

I'm going to a potluck dinner at church tonight and have nothing to bring. Maybe I'll make chocolate pudding pie.

Lily peed on the potty for the first time last week. It's funny congratulating someone over and over for something so mundane and oftentimes inconvenient to an adult.

Jacob just dropped his car toy and is complaining that he has been left all alone in the kitchen. He doesn't like to be alone.

I keep small scizzors in my purse to chop off the top of straws for Lily in restaurants. This keeps her from tipping the cup too far and spilling juice all over herself.

Lily likes to line up her Little People in very neat rows. All of the peole have to be facing the same direction. When I turn one or two around, she turns them right back.

Lily's hair barrette is blue with sparkles. Think I'll look less like a 12-year-old if I steal it for myself?

I spent $45 on 30 pieces of clothing yesterday (none for us). I saved $350.


Anonymous said...

WOW! that sure is alot of info. my random comments: leah, did you like to take your pants off when you were lily's age? curious behavior! suggestion for the potluck dinner tonight, have ryan pick up an enteman's on the way home from work and then put it on a very nice plate you have with cellophane paper/ribbon around it and people will think you made it. haha i thought of "monk" when you said lily likes to line up her little people in one row. did you ever watch monk? grosse opa said i have give jacob an extra kiss for him tomorrow cuz jacob is his buddy. i balanced my checkbook last night and it was off $400. not in my favor. i thought i would throw up. but i found my mistake and all's good. i went to the gym at work 4x this week. i love the remote starter i got for my car. i wonder how i lived without one. i just have to make sure that the heat knob is on when i get out of the car in the evening so when i remotely start it in the morning it really does warm up. sometimes it's so warm in there that i have to rip off my gloves, scarf and unzip my jacket (but i don't take my pants off). there's a new movie out with dustin hoffman/emma thompson that i want to see. i think about retiring every waking moment of the day. love, aunt ilse

Anonymous said...

No, you'll look like more of a 12 year old... Sorry.
Who were you buying clothes for if not for you (plural)?
I really wish the two year old at work would go to sleep. At least he's stopped screaming "I want you!" because I was worried it would wake up Hayden.
I left the inaugeration (sp??) on all day just to see the President's speech and then it happened while we were eating lunch.
Frozen peas are way better than canned!
And there he started yelling again...

Anonymous said...

Love the randomness! Lol at the diaper hanging from Lily's ankle. Let me know if you discover any secrets to potty training - we'll be attempting that soon. Kate does the exact same thing with her Little People! Mind sharing your secret to that bargain shopping?