Saturday, January 10, 2009

Daddy's Work

Every weekday, when Lily asks about Daddy, I tell her he's at work. Finally, she got to see just what that meant.

Ryan was very excited to give Lily a tour of the server room he designed and put together.

Here's a self-portrait of me with Jacob in Ryan's office. We tried to take one of Ryan with Lily, except, wait...

Get back here!

I guess she prefers self-guided tours.


Anonymous said...

Leah, you look GREAT in that red sweater!! And of course your little man is quite adorable too. And sweet Lily is always on the go. Whooooooosh, there she goes again! Auntie Ilse

Bethany Erber said...

OH MY GOSH!! Lily's coat is soooo cute and in that last picture she looks sooo big and adorable!!! wow!! =)