Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Teeth Update

Jacob's 2nd tooth on the bottom has pushed through all the way, and two little points of his third tooth - his first up top! - have pricked through. as well. Poor little guy has just been miserable the past week or uncharacteristic for our happy, content boy. I feel so bad for him, and have been in complete compliance with his desire to just be held and comforted all day.

I know I'm supposed to be excited that he is growing and developing, but for some reason, teeth are making me a little sad. Sad that my tiny baby is already showing signs of becoming a big boy. Sad that his sweet, gummy smile will disappear. Sad that my chubby little snuggly buddy will not stay little, in my arms, forever.

Maybe I'm feeling so nostalgic lately (yes, mom, more than normal) because my first tiny little baby is going to be two in a few weeks. Yes, TWO. That's just ridiculous. I want a recount.

(Lily - December 19, 2006)


Ellen said...

My baby girl was born on Dec 19 last year. How are you managing birthday and Christmas (since you are a year ahead of me?)

Nystral Djo said...

Hi Ellen,
I see no other way to answer you, so I hope you check back here! We had a big party at our house with family and friends just before her birthday. Everyone brought presents and she had her very own cupcake (her first sweet treat like that ever!) - overall, a special day for her tha she will most likely never remember ;) This year, the party is just family, just snacks/dessert, and just for an hour or two. We will have another big party in May when Jacob turns one. You can see details from her party in an older post here: (just scroll down a bit - from December, '07). And oh yeah, we made sure to get her separate presents for birthday and Christmas ;)