Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fun in the Snow

Last night was Lily's first real snow experience since last year. She was a little scared at first - it's one thing to look at the snow through the window and talk about it as you watch it falling, but quite another to have it squishing under your feet.

After a minute or two, she was more in awe than fear, and like usual, spent most of the time pointing at the snow:

We went down to her house, and she was surprised to find no snow inside!

She carefully watched her steps as she trudged along:

(Was I supposed to cut the string on the gloves? Why is it there?)

And we left sled tracks in the snow that were evident the next morning:

(Sorry, no pictures of us actually sledding!)

All in all, it was a marked improvement from how she felt about snow LAST year:

Look how much longer her snowsuit was!


Anonymous said...

LOL... no, unless you want her to use it as a jump rope, you tuck the string inside the arms of the coat. Then when she takes the coat off, the gloves stay with the coat! Didn't you have gloves on a string when you were a kid?? :)

Bethany Erber said...

yeah.. I knew the strings went through the sleeves and the back of the coat.. but I thought it was because they don't drop them and lose them.. =) I didn't know it was because when you took the coat off the gloves stay there! =)

Brent and Abigail said...
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Brent and Abigail said...

i also knew they kept the gloves from getting lost but having them stay in the coat makes so much sense too. what a great idea - gloves on a string

wish we had snow. its just cold and rainy here

Anonymous said...

one day you will only have gloves that come in sets of one, and you'll understand what the string is for...I choose to buy those clippy thing (technical term) from target and such to attach errant gloves directly to jackets

Anonymous said...

okay all you string glove experts out there...this has me you put the strings inside the back of the coat, across it, and then each glove down the sleeve of the coat inside and waaallllaa! they are safe and sound tucked inside?...but is the string long enough so it won't break if the child lifts stuff or throws things? i would think the string would get caught or something inside. i think i like the clippy thing idea better. you can tell i don't have children, only nieces/nephews! guess who.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the string is quite long. Actually there's is a little bit of controversy because there is a potential for the child to get the string around their neck if they decided to play with it while their coat is off. (It's not possible while the coat it ON.) I've never know it happening to anyone and when I was growing up everyone had gloves on a string.
I didn't know about the clips... That might be a good idea for Hayden because I just bought him (stringless) mittens.