Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Monopoly Game

Every October, Ryan and I spend way too much time at McDonalds playing their Monopoly game. It's a tradition we've had for at least three or four years now. We even hunt for game pieces in other states while on vacation or business trips that coincide with the game (Ryan has a theory that the winning pieces are scattered about the country). It always ends with us not really winning anything (fries or a shake here, music downloads or a few photo prints there) and promising ourselves we're not going to eat any more McDonalds for a looong time...probably until the next October.

Whilst forcing down countless Big Macs and sausage burritos, we discuss what we would do with the $1 million, the $10K, even the $100. Amongst other things, our winnings (minus the 10% tithe and taxes) always go towards a vacation, the mortgage, and family.

Well, maybe not the $100. That we would probably just go to the diaper fund.


Anonymous said...

I'm not laughing too loud am I?

Maggie said...

Apparently I live under a rock and I never knew about the monopoly game until yesterday when i went through the drive thru to get adrien some sprite because she throws up from car sickness. i got a biggie sprite and it had two tear off things on them.....anyway, they are sitting in my car, would you like me to mail them to you? i totally will! hope you are having a great day! ~Maggie

Anonymous said...

Your blogs always crack me up!