Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So my favorite things to find at garage sales this summer are clothes and shoes for Jacob. Lily has enough clothes stored up (mostly hand-me-downs) to last her until she hits at least 5T. Crazy, I know. But not so for little DeeDob.*

I've found a few garage sales with really nice barely-worn boy clothes for $.50 or $1 a piece, including pairs of shoes and clothing from places like Old Navy, Baby Gap, and Carters. So I've been stocking up! But the funny thing is, many of the clothes I'm bringing home for Jacob to wear when he gets bigger fit Lily NOW. So I guess since he is currently wearing some of her non-feminine hand-me-downs from when she was a baby, does that mean she is wearing his hand-me-ups??

One garage sale's boy clothes had apparently been stored in moth balls. Yeck. Why do people do this? Don't they realize it's a toxin that never comes out? I didn't notice this smell until I got home, so I washed them, but the smell did not come out. I looked online and discovered that one of the ways to remove this smell is just to hang them outside for a while in cooler weather. That did the trick! No more moth ball smell, and now I can store them myself - moth ball free - until Jake is big enough to wear them.

* "DeeDob" is how Lily first said "Jacob." I thought it was adorable. Now she just calls him Brother, so I've taken up the DeeDob nickname myself.


Angela said...

You got to love garage sales! I hit two salvation army stores every time I go upstate to visit my mom. And I'm with you... I had a little boy over this summer and I was able to lend him a whole 3T outfit so he could swim in the kiddie pool! PLUS, I'm saving some of Hayden's old stuff. I just figure if the next is a girl, she better like trucks! :)

Amanda said...

Um, that reminds me...I need to dig back into Wyatt's stuff in the garage...sorry!!! What size is he in now?