Wednesday, September 3, 2008

At the Zoo

Lily had such a great time on her first trip to the zoo! There were so many interactive things for her to do, such as feeding the birds in the aviary:

Feeding and petting the sheep:

Riding the carousel:

(Her hair flew up when the penguin flew down)

Riding the train:

(Three of the four Mamas with three of their five babies)

(Kirsten enjoying the ride)

And just exploring in general:

Here are Eowyn (yes, like Lord of the Rings!), Jacob, and his cousin Jeffrey:

She got pretty tired...

...and conked out the moment we got in the car:

(More photos to come, as taken by Marisol and Pam!)


Amanda said...

Looks like fun! And oh my goodness, Jeffrey is HUGE!!!