Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Long Beach Island

Last month, we stayed with my folks for a few days at their house rental in Surf City, Long Beach Island. The kids had a blast.

I love this picture with my mom and the two of them. Lily being herself in her PJs (thanks for the rockin' homemade PJs, Brit - they are my favorite!) and Jacob just being so CHUBBY. Speaking of which...

Those cheeks are hard to resist PINCHING all day.

Clearly, all the excitement got to be too much for him. (He came out with his hands up on his head, and hasn't stopped putting them there since.)

Lily and my dad were having fun at Kelly's with his LBI hat.


Lily's first time eating corn ON the cob. I went to cut it off for her, and she was having none of that. She wanted to do it like everyone else. Notice her little nibbles?

Down at the bay. I love the overalls (thanks, Wyatt!).

Lily had a wonderful time in the water with her basket and toys. This was her first time really not being afraid of a large body of water. It was still and warm and wonderful.


Brent and Abigail said...

love lily's red hat. And those cheeks are just too precious on Jacob. Love them!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Andrew wants the corn on the cob too. Here's a hint: it keeps them happy and busy for quite awhile. I think we have the same toy basket. Love it!!!

Oh, and here's your requested comment to show that people are reading. LOL

Amanda said...

Yay, the overalls! They finally fit!!!