Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Three Babes *ALMOST* Sleeping

Lori and Jay have checked into the hospital - again - to have their baby. This is the forth time in three days. They are both getting tired of false alarms and all the stop/starts. Hopefully, they will have their baby soon!

Their other "baby" Kirsten is here with us until Lori and Jay leave the hospital (if it's another false alarm) or until Ryan's mom comes to take over watching her (if the labor is real this time).

(Two little monkeys, jumping on the bed...)

Currently, Kirsten is downstairs asleep on the rug in the living room, with only her head sticking out from under the coffee table.

She somehow scootched the rest of her body under there while she was settling in. Jacob is asleep on our bed where I just finished feeding him (and thanks to the monitor from Benai, I don't feel the need to check on him every five seconds - thanks, Benai!).

And Miss Lily is in her crib...screaming. She doesn't realize how tired she is and that if she would just close her eyes and lay down and go TO SLEEP, she would feel immensely better. She usually goes to sleep without a problem, but once in a while, she protests, and I've found that a few minutes of crying help her settle down better than anything I can do for her.

I still can't get over how Kirsten fell asleep. She just layed down in front of Veggie Tales, closed her eyes, and that was it! You mean, babies actually DO that? I've heard tell of such things, but have never experienced it with MY little one. My nice.


Anonymous said...

Give it time ;) if you remember, Kirsten wouldn't fall asleep anywhere but RIGHT next to/on Jay and I for at least a year... and only with nursing, or much rocking and walking. Every two or three hours. I think toddlers wear themselves out more and fall asleep mid-activity once in awhile as a result!