Thursday, May 15, 2008

Official Uterus Update - 5 Days Late

I don't think this post is too detailed, but if you're unfamiliar or uncomfortable with birth and all it entails, then, well...

Just returned from my first post-date checkup. Had an NST (same as when I fell in the backyard) and an internal exam. The NST was pretty much the same as last time - "Nice cooperative baby - lots of contractions."

But the internal was very...revealing. I am FOUR centimeters dialated and 50% effaced. All without being in labor! How funny. Last time, I was three cm dialated the week before I went into labor with Lily, so this report does not necessarily mean anything's going to happen SOON. All it means is that when it happens, it might happen quickly.

Tina said from what it felt like, there wasn't much keeping the baby in there - that if my water broke, I should come in right away because that baby was on its way out. You don't hear that from a midwife every day ;) It was reassuring, though.

The good thing about being this far along without actually being in labor yet is that I've basically skipped half of the dialation phase - "prodromal" labor, I believe it's called. The part of labor that typically putters along before things get really intense. The bad part about being this far along is that I've skipped the puttering along! Meaning, once labor starts, it's going to be unmistakable and pretty intense.

Kinda like with Lily ;) Sure that labor took a day and a half, but only because she was posterior. It stalled and went backwards as much as it went forwards, but it was always intense and never felt like "puttering". Plus, I'd rather have a labor that was hard and quick than long and drawn out and building up forever. At least that's what I think beforehand.

I guess it kind of relates to how you prefer to remove a Band-aid...I say, just tear it off and be done with it!


Anonymous said...

We're on pins and needles here!!

Brent and Abigail said...

we hope youre in labor as we write this. Hopefully this time it'll be an easy (if labor is ever easy) labor!