Saturday, May 17, 2008

Maybe Sorta Kinda?

I'm wondering if I'm in labor. Not quite sure, but possibly.

We had such a great day today. It would be nice to end the day with a baby.

We had such a great WEEK, actually. We had a second last hurrah Tuesday night courtesy of my mom, who stayed here with Lily while we saw "Iron Man" at the movies. The week before, we had our first last hurrah at Red Lobster. This extra time without a new baby has certainly been valued.

Last night, I said to Ryan, "Why are we in such a rush? Why does it matter that the baby's late? I have no PUPPPS. I can wait. Besides, labor hurts. What's another few days?"

Tonight, we went out for Thai food with our friends Brian and Pam (and their 5 1/2 mo-old daughter Jillian). Great food, great company...and I went even though I was conscious of a difference in my normal nightly contractions.

Nothing stands in the way of a girl and her Thai food. ;)


Anonymous said...

hmmmm...checkin to see if there is a baby post..maybe the thai food did it!